Stylish Educational Posters & How to Use Them to Help Your Child Learn

As an ex-primary school teacher, I wanted to design a range of educational prints which would be useful and practical whilst still looking stylish. With three little ones running around, I find it hard to keep on top of the reading, spellings, maths practise etc, so it’s really helpful to have the various posters up around the house for small snippets of quick practise whenever we get a chance. I’m going to take you through the prints on the website and how I use them to help my three young children learn.

Alphabet Print



First up is our Alphabet print. There are lots of other alphabet posters on the website, but this one uses a recognised handwriting font which most children will see a lot of in school or nursery. It’s available with or without the ‘lead-in lines’ - these are the little lines which lead into each letter and help if the children are learning joined up handwriting. It’s never too early for children to learn to recognise the alphabet and I have had this print up in my daughter’s room since she was a toddler. This design is available in muted tones or rainbow brights (with black or grey ‘My Alphabet’ box).

Tricky Words Print


The Tricky Words print is a design which I added to the collection after my son had started his first year at school. Tricky words are common words which cannot be ‘sounded out’ phonetically, so children just need to learn them by sight. The more they see the words, the quicker they will learn them by heart and be able to apply them in their reading. I have our Tricky Words print up in the kitchen so the children see it as often as possible - it’s also super handy for testing my eldest on his common words whenever we get a minute!

100 Square Print

100 Square maths poster print

When I was teaching, my giant 100 Square was one of my most used resources. It is so useful for children to be able to see numbers written down and helps with recognition of 1 and 2-digit numbers from an earlier age. 100 Squares are super versatile and can be used as a learning resource in lots of different ways:

  • As a giant number line; helping children to answer simple addition and subtraction questions (number sentences)
  • Beginning to look at odd and even numbers
  • Patterns in the numbers e.g. jumping up in 10s (going down each column and noticing that the number in the units column stays the same)
  • Cover a few numbers up and play a missing numbers game
  • One more and one less than

I added the ‘Number Bonds’ section at the bottom of the design to help children begin to learn their number bonds to 10 in a visual way. Number bonds are the numbers that add together to make the total (e.g. 1+9=10, 2+8=10, 3+7=10 etc). Once they master their number bonds, their mental arithmetic (mental maths) becomes much faster.

Number Bonds Print

The Number Bonds print is an extension of the visual number bonds at the bottom of the 100 Square poster. It covers numbers 2-10 and 100. The learning of number bonds really helps children to become quicker and more proficient at mental maths. It’s something that is covered a lot in the early years of their schooling, so it’s never too early to get a head start! At the bottom of this poster are the ordinal numbers to 10. I added this section as it was a concept I noticed my son struggled to get to grips with and I think it’s nice for children to see the ordinal numbers written down.

Multiplication Square Print

Multiplication poster in muted colour tones

The Multiplication Square print is fairly self-explanatory and it helps children learn their times tables to 12. It’s also great for spotting patterns and recognising square numbers. At the bottom are the 4 main mathematical operations, including the symbols and the various different words that the children will hear to describe them.


We also have a free handwriting alphabet printable available which can be coloured in and I’m planning on adding more very soon, including a phonics sounds design, so watch this space!

View all our Education prints here.

Other Resources

Some other wonderful resources for helping your little one learn at home include:

1. Magical Story Jars

A wonderful small business creating resources to help your little one’s enjoy story writing - we have a couple of the story jars and notebooks and they are fantastic. My 5 year old loves using them to write stories and my 3 year old enjoys me reading the cards to her.

2. The Little Coach House

The Little Coach House creates a range stunning wooden pieces to help children in their learning. I particularly love the Alphabet Tiles and Tens Frame.

3. Sew Lah Tea Doh Deco

Sew Lah Tea Doh Deco creates the most beautiful felt decor pieces, including this number line to 10. The colours match my muted tones print perfectly and it looks so pretty up on the wall.

4. Button and Squirt

 The Amazing Animal Fact Cards from Button and Squirt are so much fun. I’ve bought a few as presents and they always go down so well.

I have lots more ideas for new homeschool designs, so keep checking our instagram page @thelittlejones for updates!

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