How To Make These Ghostly Leaves 👻

I love making these leaf ghosts with the children. My son and I love searching for pretty leaves on our walks, so having something to do with them is always useful! They’re really easy to make and you can hang them anywhere in the house - we like putting ours in the porch to welcome visitors during Halloween!

You will need:

  • leaves
  • white paint (I use acrylic)
  • paintbrush
  • black permanent marker
  • clear twine
  • a twig

 Paint your leaves with the white paint. Do the front, back and stalk!

When the leaves are dry, use your black permanent pen to draw the ghost’s eyes and mouth. Do this on both sides.

Poke a hole in the tops of your leaves and thread the clear thread through it.

Tie the two ends of the thread together to form a loop.

Thread your ghostly leaves on to a twig and find somewhere to hang it!

Easy peasey. To see the full video with step-by-step instructions, head to @thelittlejones on Instagram.

Please do leave a comment below or tag @thelittlejones on Instagram if you give these little ghosts a go!

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