Dusky Pink Bedroom: The Perfect Dusky Pink Paint + Accessories

The Perfect Dusky Pink Paint

When we moved house in November 2020, I knew I wanted to create a half wall in my daughter’s bedroom. I bought A LOT of tester pots (around 36 I think 🤪) trying to find the perfect dusky pink colour, but when I found Cracked Clay 1 by Dulux I instantly knew my tester pot ordering days were over!

I actually ordered the tester from the Dulux website, but annoyingly you can’t seem to buy a large tin from anywhere! So I had it colour matched by the lovely people at The Decorating Centre Online. I used the Optiva Colour matte paint and it went on really nicely. I used a tape measure and spirit level to mark just under half way up the wall and then frog tape to create the straight line. The top half of the main wall (and the rest of the room) is painted in Tikkurila matte white.

Wall Decor

As I run a poster company, I always have to plan the children’s rooms around the prints I want to display. I knew Molly would have two large 50x70cm posters above her bed and then some smaller ones hanging on the wall. I like to mix up how I display prints in a room - some on the wall, some hanging up and some resting on a shelf. I love using the wooden hanging frames that I sell on the website (I usually have at least one A4 and one A3 size up in a room) and the little wooden star hooks (that come in a pack of 3) are always a bestseller.

Set Of Three Wooden Star Wall Hooks

I didn’t want to leave the top of the half wall plain, so I added these beautiful gold foil star decals from The Paper Party Company. I absolutely love them and ended up using them on the other wall too! Decals are such a great way to easily and quickly update a room.

Gold Foil Star Decals - The Paper Party Company

The links to all the prints in the main photo are below and can also be found at the bottom of the blog post.

You Are Magic Print (in 30x40cm in Molly's room)

Rainbow Birth Print - Mustard (in 50x70cm in Molly's room)

Completely Bonkers Print - Muted Tones (in A3 in Molly's room)

The Rainbow Gold (shown here in an A4 wooden hanging frame)

Ikea Furniture

Next up I hacked the IKEA Lixhult cabinet using furniture stencils from Austin & Monkey. There’s another blog post about that coming soon!


Lixhult Cabinet - Ikea & Star Furniture Stencils - Austin & Monkey

The Canopy

We already had the cream canopy from SKLUM which fits into the room perfectly. Lots of online shops sell beautiful canopies, including this one from Soren's House.

Wooden Bed & Bedding

Molly has a wooden single bed which used to be Harry’s. It was from IKEA, but they don’t sell it anymore. However this one is very similar and is only £35!

I change Molly’s bedding around quite a lot to suit the prints that she has up, but my two favourites are the beautiful rainbow bedding from Mama Designs and this gorgeous set from La Redoute.

Rainbow Bedding - Mama Designs

Wall Storage

I knew I wanted to put some shelves up for Molly to display her little trinkets and knick knacks on. This Bloomingville North shelf is perfect and I love how you can move the shelves around to suit. I bought ours from Scandiborn. 

Bloomingville North Shelf - Scandiborn


Shop The Look

Click on the image below to shop our products:


All other items have been linked to below this image:

Clickable links:

  1. You Are Magic print in 30x40cm
  2. Rainbow Birth Print - Mustards in 50x70cm
  3. Set of 3 Wooden Star Wall Hooks
  4. Wooden Magnetic Picture Frame in A3 size
  5. Completely Bonkers print - Muted Tones in A3 size
  6. Wooden Magnetic Picture Frame in A4 size
  7. The Rainbow Gold Foil
  8. Little Bear Animal Head from Ella & The Roo
  9. Personalised Crowns from Liberty Fall
  10. Rattan Cups from The Hoppi Hippo
  11. Bloomingville North Shelf from Scandiborn
  12. Gold Foil Star Decals from The Paper Party Company
  13. Droplet Garland from Velveteen Babies
  14. Cracked Clay 1 paint (Dulux) colour matched by Decorating Centre Online
  15. Large Knitted Star from Hey Kiddo Studio
  16. Rainbow Lamp from Little Lights
  17. Knitted Toy from Cuddle + Kind
  18. Lixhult Cabinet from Ikea
  19. Star Furniture Stencils from Austin & Monkey
  20. Felt Ball Heart from Pippy and Ted
  21. Tellkiddo Toy Sack from Lullaby
  22. Be Kind Banner from Sew La Tea Doh Deco
  23. Wooden Single Bed from Ikea (link to a similar style bed)
  24. Unicorn Cushion from Bizzi Growin
  25. Rainbow Bedding from Mama Designs
  26. Rug from H&M Home

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  • Kate on

    Hi Nicola,
    Thank you! It’s Cracked Clay 1 by Dulux – exactly the same paint as is on the walls, but with a coat of white eggshell underneath.
    Kate x

  • Nicola Dervey on

    Love this styling. Please can I ask which paint and shade you used to paint the IKEA cabinet pink? I want to do exactly this. Thank you

  • Nicola Dervey on

    Love this styling. Please can I ask which paint and shade you used to paint the IKEA cabinet pink? I want to do exactly this. Thank you

  • Nicola Dervey on

    Love this styling. Please can I ask which paint and shade you used to paint the IKEA cabinet pink? I want to do exactly this. Thank you

  • Donna M. Nigro on

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